SalonDemand was created to create a better (and easier) way to book salon appointments, within our extremely over-scheduled world. While some people are rigorous about scheduling  appointments in advance, sometimes things happen (whether your favorite stylist has an emergency and has to cancel or suddenly,  your 5 o’clock status meeting just got canceled). These are the times we are left scrambling for a last minute haircut, manicure or much-needed massage. SalonDemand replaces the hassle of picking up the phone and calling around for salon availability. You pick the services; the Salon Demand App broadcasts out your requests and you choose from available providers. Real-time; no checking multiple sites and no (frantic) phone calls.

About the Company

SalonDemand is not funded by millions of dollars. It is a simple utility that was created by two inspired founders – busy people who wanted a way to simplify their hectic lives. They took their napkin drawings and designs, got the help of a few (very) talented friends, found a great developer (thanks Alex) and built SalonDemand.  Thanks to customers and professionals downloads and usage, you can not only help simplify your own lives, but also help bring business to local salons. Since SalonDemand is still privately funded and run by just the founders, we apologize for any lack of new features, but we will be working hard to make improvements as we gather feedback from our users and continue to grow.

About the Founders

For Founders John and Karen, demands of parenthood plus full-time jobs and long commutes did not leave much time for booking necessary salon services, such as haircuts, manicures or massages.  One vacation to New York City planted the seed for the SalonDemand App. Karen was scheduled to arrive into NYC for an “all girls weekend.” Figuring the SFO to NYC red-eye wasn’t going to do her much justice, she tried (in vain) the week prior to book a massage and spa treatment upon her arrival to New York.  Finding a last minute salon appointment in NYC proved to be near impossible and after a few days of individually calling salons with the area she planned to stay in, she did finally manage to book an opening. (It turned out to be one of the worse massages ever, but that’s a different story). But in this age of modern technology, she figured that there must be an easier way! Hence, the inspiration for SalondDemand was born,  along with the desire to offer instant accessibility to salon providers, while giving salon professionals a chance to reap more business, fill seats, and even fill those (undesired, but often happens) last-minute client cancellations.



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