Introducing SalonDemand

We are excited to pre-launch our new SalonDemand iPhone App to Salon Professionals. It makes booking last minute appointments easy by allowing clients to reach out to stylists and salon-based service providers in real-time using their phone. Best of all – it’s absolutely FREE.


Built for Salon Professionals

Keep your chair filled by allowing clients to contact you directly on your phone. Easily respond to availability requests, from a simple tap of the screen without having to be interrupted by phone calls. Its great for gaining new clients, as well as keep


Exclusive Launch Partner Invitation

This is a new service in early stage, and we are looking to invite inspiring and talented stylists to help provide consumers with a wonderful salon experience for our official launch.

Become one of our launch partners by installing the app and getting your profile setup. We will showcase your profile on our Website and app within each local market to increase exposure to your salon.


How to Get Started

1. Go to the AppStore to download and install SalonDemand on your iPhone.
2. Register as a Salon Professional.
3. Fill out your location and select the services you offer.
4. Once you are registered, you are ready to get new business!ing existing clients directly engaged with your availability. There is no need to manage additional calendars or publish availability.

Download the App


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Is SalonDemand for my salon or just me? A: The app will work on any iPhone or iPod Touch device, so you can use it for just yourself, or if you run a salon you can appoint your salon manager to respond to requests and keep an eye on the master calendar. When you build your profile, you can specify a general salon name, or just use your own so your client knows exactly who they are getting.
  2. Q: Does it matter where I’m located? A: No, you can use SalonDemand no matter where you are located. The more you encourage your salon colleagues to install it, the more coverage we’ll have, and the more we’ll promote the app in your area.
  3. Q: Does my boss or co-workers need to know about it? A: Everyone in your salon who works directly with clients can have it installed, but its entirely up to you. If several stylists in your salon have it installed, they will all get the same request notifications, and all of you may respond with availability and allow the client to choose who they want to book, based on preference and schedules.  What’s important is that if you do book an appointment, you should update the central salon schedule.
  4. Q: How does the client pay? A: Clients pay as usual. SalonDemand reserves the spot with you, as they would if they called you, but we do not charge the client any fees in the app, so you will need to charge them per your typical routine.
  5. Q: Does it work with my scheduling system at my salon? A: The app does not connect with your salon scheduling system, so you will need to update the schedule as soon as you know you have a booking. There is an option to send your salon manager an booking confirmation email if you so choose.
  6. Q: What if I need to cancel an appointment? A: We understand that under unfortunate circumstances, cancellations are required.  The cancellation button is available within Appointment Details. You also have the client’s phone number that should always be used to kindly notify your client and propose a new appointment that works for you both.

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